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Animal Crossing Raining

Enjoying the Rainy Days in Animal Crossing: A Guide to Making the Most of Raining Weather

Animal Crossing is a popular video game that has captured the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. The game is a life simulator, where players build their own virtual town and interact with animal villagers. The game also features a dynamic weather system that changes in real-time, and one of the most delightful weather conditions is when it’s raining. In this article, we will guide you on how to make the most of rainy days in Animal Crossing.

Why is Raining Weather Special in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Raining
Animal Crossing Raining

The rainy weather in Animal Crossing adds a unique touch to the game’s environment. It gives off a cozy and relaxing vibe that contrasts with the usual hustle and bustle of the game. Here are some reasons why you should enjoy the raining weather in Animal Crossing:

  1. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch fish: Fish are more active during raining weather, which makes it the perfect time to go fishing. The rain also affects the type of fish that you can catch. Some fish are exclusive to raining weather, such as the Coelacanth, which is one of the rarest fish in the game.
  2. It’s a great time to catch bugs: Just like fish, bugs are more active during raining weather. You can catch some unique bugs that only appear during raining weather, such as the snail and the spider crab.
  3. The rain sound is therapeutic: The sound of the rain in Animal Crossing is incredibly calming and therapeutic. It’s perfect for players who want to take a break from the usual noise in the game and relax.

How to Make the Most of Raining Days in Animal Crossing:

Raining Animal Crossing
Raining Animal Crossing

Now that we’ve established why the raining weather in Animal Crossing is special let’s dive into how to make the most of it:

  • Go fishing: As mentioned earlier, fishing during raining weather is an excellent opportunity to catch unique fish. Make sure to bring your fishing rod and visit the rivers and the ocean. You can even create a fishing tournament with your friends and see who can catch the most fish.
  • Catch bugs: Catching bugs is another fun activity to do during raining weather. Take a stroll around your town and look for bugs on flowers or trees. Don’t forget to use your bug net!
  • Collect Gyroids: Gyroids are collectible items in Animal Crossing that only appear during raining weather. They can be found buried underground and have different designs and colors. Collecting Gyroids is a fun way to decorate your home and show off to your friends.
  • Go shopping: If you’re not in the mood for outdoor activities, you can always go shopping. The Able Sisters clothing store has a unique set of raincoats and umbrellas that can only be purchased during raining weather. Don’t forget to check out the Kicks shoe store too!
  • Decorate your home: Rainy weather can be an excellent opportunity to decorate your home. Use rain-themed items such as umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Plant Flowers: Rainy days are an excellent opportunity to plant flowers and watch them grow. The rain will help water your flowers, making them bloom faster. You can even create your own flower garden or try to collect all the different flower types.
  • Visit your villagers: Rainy days can be the perfect time to visit your villagers and see what they’re up to. They might have something interesting to say or give you a task to complete. You can even invite them over to your home and have a cozy indoor gathering.
  • Take a walk: Walking around your town during rainy weather can be an excellent opportunity to explore new areas that you haven’t visited before. You might find new shops, hidden items, or even new villagers. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella and raincoat, so you don’t get wet.
  • Have a picnic: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always have a picnic during raining weather. You can set up a picnic area with a table, chairs, and a food basket. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate while listening to the rain.
  • Listen to KK Slider: KK Slider is a popular character in Animal Crossing who plays music on Saturday nights. On raining weather nights, KK Slider will play a different set of music that is more soothing and calm. It’s a great opportunity to sit back, relax, and listen to some great music.
  • Get creative with DIY projects: Rainy weather can be a great time to work on DIY projects. You can create rain-themed items such as umbrellas, rain boots, and raincoats. You can even try to create your own rainforest or underwater-themed room.
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

In conclusion, rainy days in Animal Crossing can provide a cozy and relaxing experience for players of all ages. Whether you enjoy fishing, catching bugs, collecting Gyroids, shopping, decorating your home, or getting creative with DIY projects, there are many ways to make the most of rainy weather in the game. If you’re a fan of gaming, be sure to check out, a blog that covers gaming news and reviews. With content that caters to gamers of different ages, skill levels, and preferences, is a great resource for staying up-to-date on the latest in the gaming industry. So, next time it’s raining in your Animal Crossing town, take advantage of the opportunities it provides, and don’t forget to visit for all your gaming needs!


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