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Astral Chain Characters

Are you a fan of intricate storylines, intense action, and compelling characters in video games? Then you’re probably already familiar with Astral Chain, the action-adventure game that has taken the gaming community by storm. If not, let us, the team at, introduce you to this thrilling universe.

At, we provide the latest gaming news and reviews, ensuring that you’re always in the know about the best and newest games out there. In this extensive blog post, we’ll delve deep into the characters of Astral Chain, the backbone of this captivating game. We’ll explore the protagonists, the Neuron task force, the unique Legions, the game’s antagonists, and the non-playable characters that make this game so immersive.

Astral Chain: An In-depth Look at its Riveting Characters

Astral Chain, a thrilling action-adventure video game developed by PlatinumGames, has won the hearts of many with its innovative combat mechanics, gorgeous visuals, and compelling storyline. However, the game’s characters, with their intricate designs and well-developed backstories, are arguably one of its standout aspects. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the universe of Astral Chain and explore the characters that make this game so captivating.

The Protagonists

The Player’s Character

Astral Chain allows players to choose between a male or female protagonist, both of whom are customizable. They are rookie officers in the Neuron task force, skilled in handling Legion, the game’s unique weapon system. Regardless of your choice, the unused twin becomes Akira Howard, a pivotal character in the game.

  • Akira Howard: Born and raised to be a Neuron officer, Akira is the player’s twin sibling and has a deep-seated sense of duty. While initially the two share a close bond, the relationship evolves as the story progresses, offering a complex look at family dynamics in high-stress situations.

Max Howard

Max Howard is the adoptive father of the protagonists and serves as the Captain of Neuron. He’s respected by his peers for his leadership skills and determination. Max is a pivotal figure in the early parts of the game, influencing the course of the story in significant ways.

  • Noteworthy Traits: His resilience and dedication set a high bar for Neuron officers, including his children.

Neuron Task Force

Alicia Lopez

Alicia Lopez, one of the elite officers in Neuron, is a tough, no-nonsense character with a strong sense of justice. Her character evolves throughout the game, adding an additional layer of depth to the story.

  • Unique Characteristics: Alicia’s fearless nature and drive make her an essential part of the team.

Jin Wong

Jin is another officer in the Neuron and is often seen as the brains of the operation. His technological prowess and analytical mind make him a valuable asset to the team.

  • Distinctive Traits: Jin’s intelligence and knack for strategy often save the day when the team finds itself in a bind.

The Legions

In Astral Chain, Legions serve as both combat companions and investigative tools for the characters. The game introduces five different types, each with unique abilities and characteristics.

Sword Legion

This is the first Legion the player character can control. It possesses abilities that are primarily combat-oriented but can also be useful in certain investigative scenarios.

  • Key Abilities: Slash, Bind, and Chain Jump

Arrow Legion

This Legion specializes in ranged combat and is invaluable during aerial battles and fast-paced chases.

  • Notable Abilities: Aim and Shoot, Chain Jump, and Hit Rush
Astral Chain Characters
Astral Chain Characters

More Legions: The Player’s Battle Companions

Arm Legion

The Arm Legion, much like its name suggests, is known for its strength. Its sturdy build and powerful abilities make it a valuable asset in battles that require brute force.

  • Key Abilities: Power Charge, Chain Bind, and Hit Rush.

Beast Legion

This Legion is unique for its agility and tracking abilities. It comes in handy during investigations, especially when tracking enemies or finding hidden objects.

  • Notable Abilities: Beast Ride, Eavesdrop, and Dig.

Axe Legion

The Axe Legion is the final Legion the player can control. Its defining characteristics include its defensive capabilities and potent attack power.

  • Unique Abilities: Blue Shield, Chain Counter, and Hit Rush.

Other Characters in Neuron

Olive Espinosa

Olive Espinosa serves as Neuron’s dispatcher and guide, providing vital information and support to Neuron officers during their missions.

  • Distinct Traits: Olive is known for her friendly demeanor, competence, and calmness under pressure, making her an integral part of the Neuron team.

Hal Clark

Hal is a hacker who assists the Neuron task force anonymously. He’s always seen with his drone, which he controls remotely.

  • Unique Characteristics: Despite his shy personality, Hal’s technological skills and strategic thinking make him a vital ally.

Antagonists in Astral Chain

Jena Anderson

Jena Anderson serves as the primary antagonist of Astral Chain. Once a scientist who helped establish Neuron, Jena believes in her vision of humanity’s future, even if it means bringing about its destruction.

  • Unique Aspects: Jena’s motivations and actions add complexity and depth to the game’s narrative, making her a compelling antagonist.


The Homunculi are giant chimeras created by Jena Anderson. They are massive, powerful, and threatening creatures that play an essential role in the game’s storyline.

  • Key Traits: Each Homunculus possesses unique abilities and characteristics, adding a layer of unpredictability to battles.
Astral Chain Characters
Astral Chain Characters

Non-playable Characters (NPCs)

Brenda Moreno

Brenda Moreno is the Chief Medical Officer of Neuron, responsible for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the force’s members.

  • Significant Traits: Known for her calm demeanor and expertise, Brenda provides valuable support and insight throughout the game.

Yoseph Calvert

Yoseph Calvert is the Commander of Neuron and the developer of the Legion Project. His vision and guidance shape the story in fundamental ways.

  • Noteworthy Characteristics: His calm and composed nature contrasts with his determined mindset to protect humanity from the chimeras.

Marie Wentz

Marie Wentz works as the Neuron task force’s operator and morale officer. She is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the headquarters.

  • Unique Qualities: Marie is known for her cheerful disposition and unyielding optimism, lightening the mood in even the darkest times.


Lappy is Neuron’s official mascot, played by none other than Marie Wentz herself. Lappy’s purpose is to uplift the spirits of the team.

  • Distinctive Features: Lappy’s energetic and jovial nature makes her a popular figure amongst Neuron officers and players alike.

The Setting and Its Influence

One cannot discuss the characters of Astral Chain without mentioning the game’s unique setting: The Ark, a massive, multicultural city built on an artificial island. This vibrant metropolis is the last bastion of humanity against the invasion of interdimensional creatures known as Chimeras.

The Ark’s Citizens

The NPCs that populate The Ark, though not major characters, provide valuable insight into the game’s world. Their interactions and observations often add depth to the storyline and the main characters. They serve as a constant reminder of what our protagonists are fighting to protect: the last remnants of human civilization.

The Ark’s Society and Its Impact on Characters

The game’s societal context plays a significant role in shaping the characters. The growing tension between the common citizens and the privileged upper class, the fear, and mistrust towards the Chimeras, and the reliance on Neuron and its officers for protection — all these factors influence the characters’ motivations, their decisions, and the course of the narrative.

Elaborating Characters’ Traits and Relationships

The Player’s Character and Akira Howard

As previously mentioned, the player character and Akira share a deep bond as twin siblings. They were trained under the same roof, guided by their adoptive father, Max Howard. However, as the narrative progresses, their relationship undergoes significant changes.

The player character’s unwavering dedication to Neuron’s mission contrasts with Akira’s developing skepticism towards the organization. These contrasting views form the crux of their evolving relationship and add an additional layer of complexity to their shared narrative.

Max Howard and His Influence

Max Howard is a stalwart figure whose values significantly influence both the player character and Akira. His resilience, dedication, and unyielding commitment to protecting humanity from the Chimera threat set the standard for his children and Neuron officers alike. His tragic sacrifice early in the game leaves a profound impact, motivating the protagonists to uphold his legacy.

Relationships within Neuron

The interactions between Neuron members offer compelling character dynamics. Alicia’s protective nature towards the younger members, Jin’s intellectual guidance, and Olive’s supportive role form a tightly-knit family within the task force.

The relationship between Brenda and Yoseph also adds to the narrative depth. Brenda’s practicality and medical expertise often serve as a counterbalance to Yoseph’s visionary yet risky ambitions. However, their shared commitment to Neuron’s cause ultimately keeps them aligned.

The Societal Context in Astral Chain

The World of the Ark

The Ark, humanity’s last stronghold, is a multicultural city that represents a divided society. On one hand, it’s a beacon of hope teeming with life, culture, and technology. On the other, it’s a place of fear and desperation, with citizens living in constant dread of Chimera attacks.

The Role of Neuron

Neuron is revered as the city’s protector against the Chimeras. The officers are seen as heroes, fighting an almost invisible threat that ordinary citizens have little understanding of. This dynamic creates a power structure where Neuron, and by extension, the player, holds significant authority.

Impact of Society on Characters

The societal context significantly influences the characters. For instance, the pressure and expectations from the society often weigh on the player character and other Neuron officers. Similarly, characters like Jena Anderson are shaped by their disillusionment with the city’s social structure and Neuron’s methods.


The true essence of Astral Chain lies in its characters – their personal journeys, their evolving relationships, and their roles within a complex societal framework. Every battle fought, every secret uncovered, and every decision made in the game carries the weight of their individual stories and shared experiences. In this sense, Astral Chain is more than just an action-adventure game; it’s a riveting narrative about humanity, bonds, and survival.

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Astral Chain Characters
Astral Chain Characters

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