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The Splatoon Character Marina

What do you think of the hit game Splatoon? It is likely that you have come across Pearl and Marina. The Off the Hook duo has been an integral part of the Splatoon series since the second game was released in 2017. Occasionally, updates to the game will include their music. Take a closer look at Marina Ida, one of the most intriguing characters in the Splatoon series.

Taking a closer look at Marina

Marina splatoon

Marina is an Octoling, the Octarian equivalent of an Inkling. Both her eyes and hair are teal, which is her signature color. There is a teal tint to his eyes, which are surrounded by reddish-pink pupils shaped like an infinity symbol. Additionally, she is known for wearing headphones and an orange jumpsuit most of the time.

A brief history of Marina’s beginnings

The young Marina was born into a life of oppression and trained as a combat engineer at a very young age. Throughout his elementary education, he skipped several courses, graduating at nine. In the following years, he contributed to the design of the Flooder and to the improvement of the Great Octoweapons.

Marina worked on the Great Octoweapon Project as a systems analyst and engineer during the events of Splatoon. As a result of his role in completing the G.O.P, the Octarians defeated the Inklings.

Splatoon universe introduction for Marina


Taking over from the Squid Sisters as Inkopolis News anchors at their studio located in Inkopolis Square in the second game of the Splatoon series, Marina and Pearl introduced themselves as Off the Hook. As part of the SplatNet 2 online store, the famous duo introduced new themes and updates.

Marina is respected by her peers and by the people of Inkopolis despite her mischievous attitude and laid-back outlook on life. In her dancing, you can see that she has a heart of gold and loves to perform.

Marina and Marie’s strange connection

Marina has a unique connection to Marie from the Splatoon series, according to the Splatoon 2 art book. Marina has a teal color scheme, which is often mistaken for green. Marina is three years younger than Marie, but they look similar because they are Octoling and Inkling, respectively.

Pearl Marina returns

Marina will wear an orange jacket and heels
Marina will wear an orange jacket and heels

In the upcoming Splatoon 3 game, Pearl and Marina return with new skins. Pearl will wear a white coat, while Marina will wear an orange jacket and heels. In addition, the Splatoon 3 Twitter account announced the promotional video for “The Bunker Games” made in 2021 to promote the game.

Marina Legacy in Splatoon

Marina Ida and her partner Perla have become popular characters in Splatoon. From the moment they appeared, they made themselves known and shaped the Splatoon universe. Marina is a witty character with a good heart who has brought a lot of fun and entertainment to the show. See what the duo will be up to next in Splatoon 3.


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