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Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars

Welcome to another in-depth gaming guide from the team at, your go-to source for gaming news and reviews. Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of Mario Party Superstars, everyone’s favorite party game. This installment takes us on a nostalgic journey, reviving classic board games from the Nintendo 64 era. As with every Mario Party installment, Superstars presents a host of unique features, one of which is the intriguing Bonus Star system. Understanding these stars can dramatically shift the outcome of your game, potentially turning defeat into a triumphant victory. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars system, helping you to strategize and emerge as the superstar of the game.

Harnessing Bonus Stars in Mario Party Superstars: A Comprehensive Guide

Everyone’s favorite party game is back with more fun and excitement. Mario Party Superstars takes us on a nostalgic journey, breathing new life into classic board games from the Nintendo 64 era.

What are Bonus Stars in Mario Party Superstars?

The Basic Concept

Bonus Stars are special rewards given out at the end of the game for achievements beyond just winning mini-games or collecting the most coins. They provide an unexpected twist that can completely turn the tide of the game. Let’s dive into the details of what these stars represent in Mario Party Superstars.

The Different Types of Bonus Stars

Mini-Game Star

The Mini-Game Star is awarded to the player who wins the most mini-games. Winning this star requires consistent performance and skill throughout the game.

  • Key strategies for the Mini-Game Star
    • Practice makes perfect: To improve your chances, familiarize yourself with the different mini-games.
    • Adapt quickly: With a vast range of games, adapting to each one’s unique requirements is vital.

Coin Star

The player who collects the most coins in total throughout the game gets the Coin Star. This doesn’t just mean who has the most coins at the end, but who has earned the most overall.

  • Key strategies for the Coin Star
    • Be consistent: Try to collect as many coins as you can in every round.
    • Be smart about expenditures: Think twice before spending your coins.

Happening Star

This star is awarded to the player who lands on the most Event Spaces. It adds an element of chance to the game.

  • Key strategies for the Happening Star
    • Take calculated risks: Choose paths with multiple Event Spaces, even if they’re risky.
    • Be flexible: Adjust your strategy based on the game’s flow.
Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars
Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars

Understanding the Impact of Bonus Stars on Game Strategy

Knowing about Bonus Stars isn’t enough. You must understand how to incorporate them into your game strategy to have a higher chance of winning. Let’s delve into that.

How to Strategize for Bonus Stars

The key to becoming a Mario Party Superstars champion is not just about winning mini-games and collecting coins. You need to master the Bonus Star system to maximize your chances of winning. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

Keep an Eye on the Competition

  • Track your opponents’ performances: Keep track of your opponents’ mini-game wins and coin accumulation. This will help you gauge where you stand in the Mini-Game and Coin Star race.
  • Pay attention to event spaces: Keep track of the Event Spaces your opponents land on. This could influence your decision-making when it comes to the Happening Star.

Balance Risk and Reward

In Mario Party Superstars, taking calculated risks is often rewarded. Landing on Event Spaces may yield positive or negative results, but remember, these spaces are the key to the Happening Star.

  • Choose paths wisely: Sometimes, it’s worth taking a path with multiple Event Spaces, even if it’s riskier.
  • Adjust your strategy: If you’re already leading in the Happening Star category, you might want to avoid unnecessary risks. If you’re lagging, taking chances could give you an edge.

Spend Coins Wisely

While you might be tempted to spend coins on items or Stars, remember the Coin Star goes to the player who collects the most coins throughout the game.

  • Prioritize star purchases: Buying Stars is typically the best use of your coins. It can potentially lead to the Coin Star.
  • Be frugal with items: Items can be useful but costly. Make sure an item’s potential benefit outweighs its cost.

Practice Mini-Games

  • Familiarize yourself: Every mini-game in Mario Party Superstars is unique. The more familiar you are with them, the higher your chances of winning the Mini-Game Star.
  • Play to your strengths: If a particular type of mini-game aligns with your skills, strive to excel in those games.

Mario Party Superstars’ Bonus Stars: A Game Changer

Mario Party Superstars, like its predecessors, is not just about the obvious path to victory. It’s a game that rewards strategic planning, risk management, and adaptability. The Bonus Star system embodies this by providing alternate avenues to claim victory, keeping every game exciting and unpredictable.


Mario Party Superstars, with its myriad of gameplay elements and strategies, offers an exhilarating gaming experience. Understanding and strategically leveraging the Bonus Stars system is crucial in your journey towards victory. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Mario Party series, we hope this comprehensive guide from has equipped you with the knowledge to excel. For more gaming guides, reviews, and news, make sure to visit With the right strategy and a pinch of luck, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the Superstar of your next party. Happy gaming!

Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars
Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars

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