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Metroid Dread Ending Rewards

Metroid Dread Ending Rewards: Everything You Need to Know

It is no secret that the Metroid Dread series is one of the best franchises of all time, and the latest installment, Metroid Dread, is no exception. A saga that began with the Metroid series on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 continues with this game. This game rewards players with special endings based on their performance in addition to an epic story. This article will cover Metroid Dread ending rewards, including how to unlock them, what they look like, and what they mean.

Can you tell me what the rewards are?

Ending rewards in Metroid Dread are images and art pieces players receive after beating the game, depending on the difficulty mode and how fast you beat it. As part of Metroid Dread, players will be able to unlock eight illustrations, including Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid: Samus Returns, Super Metroid, Other M, and Chozo Files. There are also various Justin Bailey costumes to earn along with these rewards.

What is the process for unlocking them?

Players must beat Metroid Dread on Normal difficulty within a certain time period in order to unlock all the ending rewards. All rewards and their unlocking methods are listed below:

  • You must beat Metroid: Zero Mission on Normal difficulty.
  • Metroid: Samus Returns – Beat the game in eight hours or less on Normal difficulty.
  • Beat Super Metroid in less than four hours on Normal difficulty.
  • Other M – Beat the game on Hard.
  • In every zone, you will get a 100% drop rate with Chozo Archives.
  • Super Metroid Justin Bailey Costume – Beat the game in less than three hours on Hard difficulty.
  • Other Justin Bailey’s Costume – Beat the game in less than five hours on Hard difficulty.
  • Justin Bailey Costume – Beat the game in less than eight hours on Hard.

A player can also unlock Justin Bailey costumes from Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super Metroid, Other M by beating the game on Hard. End rewards will be better the faster the player completes the game.

How do these rewards work?

As part of Metroid Dread’s end rewards, players are not only rewarded for completing the game, but they have a deeper significance as well. As Samus Aran grows throughout the series, the bounties represent her growth. As Samus’s armor has evolved throughout the series and her quest to defeat evil, Justin Bailey’s outfit bounties represent that journey. The art rewards represent the development of the franchise as a whole and celebrate the game’s origins on the NES console.

The Metroid Dread Ending Rewards – Unlock all the extra rewards

Metroid dread GamerYard
Metroid dread

As a Metroid fan, there’s no better way to celebrate the series’ success than with Metroid Dread. Metroid Dread offers a fresh take on the beloved region, from its thrilling gameplay to its unlockable rewards. A Metroid Dread ending rewards is given to players who successfully complete a game. Rewards are awarded based on how difficult the game was played and how long it took to complete. You must know how to unlock all the extra rewards if you want to unlock all of them.

Firstly, the first Metroid Dread ending rewards: Mission Zero, which can only be unlocked by beating the game on normal mode, without a time limit. As the second reward, you will need to unlock all the other rewards before you can unlock Zero Suit Samus. The third reward is Metroid Dread ending Results, which must be achieved in four hours or less on Hard Mode.

Chozo Files Unlocked

Players must achieve a 100% item pickup percentage in each zone to unlock the hidden rewards known as Chozo Files. In addition to earning each of the eight Chozo Files, you will also earn a special reward.

Rewards can be viewed in larger versions

Metroid choze
Metroid Dread

It isn’t the end of the journey when players get the rewards, they still want bigger versions so they can appreciate the full beauty of the rewards. You can get larger versions of the rewards by visiting the Metroid Dread website. On the website, you can view all the rewards in the gallery, where you can see them in their full glory.

Make the most of your reward

Keep Metroid Dread ending Results in mind if you’re looking to maximize your rewards. All the final results from hard mode, with a timer of four hours or less, are included in this gallery. Go to the Metroid Dread final results gallery to access this reward on YouTube. Once you have completed the game, you will be able to fully appreciate the artwork that has been unlocked.

Regardless of how you earn your Metroid Dread ending rewards, fans will agree that these rewards are a wonderful way to celebrate the latest installment of a classic Nintendo franchise. Metroid’s rewards become part of the series’ legacy when they reward fans for their efforts. You can unlock the Chozo Archives and explore the exhibit gallery on the Metroid Dread website to get the most out of your rewards. Check out the Final Results gallery sample on YouTube if you’re looking for more rewards. As a result, you will be able to fully appreciate the rewards in all their art, while also recalling how much fun you had playing the game.

Samus Aran - metroid dread
Samus Aran

Players can appreciate the Metroid Dread End Rewards by appreciating the game’s roots in the Metroid franchise. As Samus Aran and the series as a whole grow, rewards are unlocked by beating the game on certain difficulties and times. If players want to unlock these rewards and truly enjoy the game, they should try to complete the game.


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