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Nintendo Switch Sports Characters

Are you a fan of sports games on Nintendo Switch? From soccer to tennis and even boxing, there’s no shortage of sports games to choose from on this console. But what makes these games even more fun are the unique and memorable characters that inhabit them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best Nintendo Switch Sports Characters. Before we dive into the characters, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re a gaming enthusiast, you should check out It’s a fantastic blog that covers gaming news and reviews, including reviews of some of the sports games we’ll be discussing today. And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the standout characters in sports games on Nintendo Switch

The Best Sports Characters on Nintendo Switch: Meet the Stars of the Console’s Top Games

Nintendo Switch has quickly become one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market, and for good reason. With a wide variety of games available, there’s something for everyone, including sports enthusiasts. From soccer to tennis, and everything in between, Nintendo Switch offers a plethora of sports games that feature some of the most iconic and memorable characters in video game history. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sports characters on Nintendo Switch and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Mario and the Gang: Super Mario Strikers Charged

The first sports character that comes to mind when we think of Nintendo is, of course, Mario. The iconic plumber has been a staple of the gaming world since the 1980s and has appeared in countless games, including sports titles. Super Mario Strikers Charged is one such game that features Mario and his friends playing soccer. The game features a wide range of characters from the Mario universe, each with their own unique abilities and traits that make them stand out on the field. Some of the most notable characters in the game include:

  • Mario: The star of the game, Mario is a well-rounded player with average speed, power, and accuracy. His special move, the Mega Strike, unleashes a powerful shot that can break through even the toughest defenses.
  • Luigi: Mario’s brother is known for his speed and agility, making him an excellent dribbler. His special move, the Green Missile, allows him to knock opponents out of the way with a powerful tackle.
  • Princess Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is a graceful player with excellent accuracy. Her special move, the Heart Shot, creates a powerful shot that curves around opponents and into the goal.
  • Donkey Kong: The king of the jungle is a powerful player with excellent strength. His special move, the Barrel Cannon, sends him flying across the field, knocking over opponents in his path.

Splatoon: The Turf Wars Begin

While not traditionally a sports game, Splatoon has become a popular title in the competitive gaming scene. The game features squid-like characters called Inklings, who engage in turf wars by covering the battlefield with ink. While the game may not be soccer or basketball, it still requires strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes, making it a unique addition to the sports genre.

  • Inkling Girl: The Inkling Girl is a speedy player with a great sense of control. Her special move, the Kraken, transforms her into a giant squid, making her invincible and allowing her to move quickly across the battlefield.
  • Inkling Boy: The Inkling Boy is a well-rounded player with good all-around stats. His special move, the Bomb Rush, allows him to shoot a barrage of ink bombs that cover a large area of the field.
  • Octoling Girl: The Octoling Girl is a skilled player with excellent accuracy. Her special move, the Inkstrike, launches a powerful missile that covers a large area in ink, making it difficult for opponents to move.
  • Octoling Boy: The Octoling Boy is a strong player with high defense. His special move, the Inkzooka, is a powerful cannon that fires a long-range ink blast.

Mario Tennis Aces: Serve and Volley with the Mario Crew

Another popular title in the sports genre is Mario Tennis Aces. The game features the same cast of characters from the Mario universe, but this time they’re playing tennis. With a variety of different courts, gameplay modes, and challenges, Mario Tennis Aces is a must-play for any fan of sports games on Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look at some of the standout characters in this game:

  • Mario: Once again, Mario is the star of the show. He’s a well-rounded player with average speed, power, and accuracy. His special shot, the Zone Shot, allows him to aim precisely and send a powerful shot to any corner of the court.
  • Bowser: The king of the Koopas is a powerhouse player with high strength and a devastating serve. His special shot, the Fire Blast, sends a powerful blast of flames to his opponent’s side of the court, causing them to stumble and miss their shot.
  • Rosalina: The princess of the cosmos is a graceful player with excellent control and accuracy. Her special shot, the Star Shot, sends a star-shaped ball flying across the court, making it difficult for opponents to return.
  • Chain Chomp: This ferocious creature is an unconventional player with high speed and a powerful bite. His special shot, the Chain Chomp Sprint, allows him to charge across the court and knock over opponents in his path.

ARMS: Punch Your Way to Victory

ARMS is another unconventional sports game on Nintendo Switch that features characters with extendable arms battling it out in the ring. With a variety of different characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, ARMS offers a fresh and exciting take on the sports genre.

  • Spring Man: The hero of the game, Spring Man is a balanced fighter with a great sense of control. His special ability, the Shockwave, sends a powerful burst of energy across the arena, knocking over opponents and creating an opening for a devastating attack.
  • Ribbon Girl: This pop star is a speedy fighter with excellent mobility. Her special ability, the Double Jump, allows her to jump twice in the air, making her difficult to hit and giving her an advantage in aerial combat.
  • Ninjara: This ninja is a slippery fighter with excellent evasion skills. His special ability, the Vanish, allows him to disappear in a cloud of smoke, making it difficult for opponents to track his movements.
  • Master Mummy: This undead wrestler is a tough fighter with high defense and a powerful grip. His special ability, the Restoration, allows him to regenerate health over time, making him difficult to defeat in battle.


In conclusion, Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of sports games, each with their own unique characters and gameplay mechanics. And if you’re looking for more gaming news and reviews, be sure to check out They cover everything from sports games to RPGs and everything in between. So whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s something for everyone on Nintendo Switch, and has got you covered. Don’t forget to check out their website for more information and reviews on some of the best games available on Nintendo Switch. And as always, happy gaming!


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