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A Pokémon that is based on the concept of the show and the European influences on American culture is Skeledirge. Furthermore, its design is inspired by the gharials, whose cartilaginous bulb on their snouts enables them to emit amplified sounds that can be heard for almost a kilometer away, thanks to their cartilaginous bulb.

The ghost type also has a fusion of two cultural elements related to death, namely the funeral ceremonies, represented by their songs influenced by the typical death music of funerals, and the festival of the Day of Muertos (an event of Mexican origin, which honors the deceased and is rooted in the Solemnity of All Saints). Among the things that remind me of this party are the colorful skulls that are present in its skull design, which is similar to the skulls seen here.

Skeledirge Pokémon
Skeledirge Pokémon

The Skeledirge also has influences from the lizard in Park Güell and the legend of Drac de na Coca, as well as the shape of his flames on his head and the bird of fire in its snout making him resemble a clown. Skeledirge has the shape of a clown as well as the marks on his face and the positioning of its head.

The Pokémon has a quadrupedal morphology and a skull-shaped skull decorated with multiple colors. A small bird of fire can be seen on its head (probably inspired by the pluvial, a bird which feeds on the remains of crocodile mouths), which is surrounded by huge flames. As a Crocalor, it possessed an egg that spawned a spirit, which helped it fight, transforming its fiery energy into a microphone, and it used that microphone to attack its enemies with its characteristic movement, Burning Song.

Besides being capable of bursting flames up to 3000 degrees Celsius from his mouth, Skeledirge can also sing beautifully. It is capable of shaping the igneous bird inside its head with its song, which can be heard several meters away and calms everyone around it.

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Written by Angie