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Splatoon’s Iconic Duo: The Squid Sisters

splatoon the squid sisters
splatoon the squid sisters

If you’re a fan of the hit video game Splatoon, then you’re no doubt familiar with the dynamic duo known as the Squid Sisters. This pair of pop idols has taken the gaming world by storm with their catchy tunes and unique style. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Squid Sisters so special and why they’ve become such a beloved part of the Splatoon universe.

Who Are the Squid Sisters?

The Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, are a pair of fictional characters from the Splatoon video game franchise. They first appeared in the original Splatoon game for the Wii U console and quickly became fan favorites. Callie is the pink-haired, upbeat half of the duo, while Marie is the blue-haired, more reserved sister. Together, they host Inkopolis News, a popular television program within the game that provides updates on the latest in-game events and news.

splatoon the squid sisters

The Squid Sisters’ Impact on the Splatoon Community

The Squid Sisters have had a significant impact on the Splatoon community. Not only do they provide entertaining commentary during Inkopolis News, but they’re also responsible for some of the game’s most memorable music. The Squid Sisters’ trademark song, “Calamari Inkantation,” is a fan favorite and has even been performed live by the game’s developers.

But the Squid Sisters’ influence goes beyond just their in-game appearances. They’ve become beloved by fans for their unique personalities and dynamic on-screen chemistry. Callie and Marie’s sisterly bond is an integral part of the Splatoon experience and has helped to create a sense of community among fans.

Callie and Marie’s Impact on Pop Culture

The Squid Sisters’ influence extends beyond just the world of video games. They’ve become an important part of pop culture in their own right. The duo has been featured in merchandise such as t-shirts, plushies, and even a music album. Their music has also been covered by real-life musicians and has been performed at events such as the Nintendo Switch presentation.

But perhaps the Squid Sisters’ biggest impact on pop culture has been through their influence on the fashion world. Their unique and colorful style has inspired fashion designers and cosplayers alike. It’s not uncommon to see fans at gaming conventions dressed up in Squid Sisters-inspired outfits.

splatoon the squid sisters
splatoon the squid sisters

Exploring Splatoon Squid Sisters

Squid Sisters Catchphrase

The catchphrase of the Squid Sisters is “Stay Fresh!”

Age and Relationship of Squid Sisters

Callie is the older sister, and Marie is the younger sister. The age of Callie and Marie from Splatoon is not officially specified, but they are said to be in their late teens or early twenties.

Species of Marie and Callie

Marie and Callie are not cuttlefish, but rather Inklings. Inklings are humanoid creatures that can transform into squids.

Agent 4’s Gender

The gender of Agent 4 in Splatoon is not specified in the game and is left to player interpretation.

Marie’s Full Name in Splatoon

Marie’s full name in Splatoon is Marie Clarence.


The Squid Sisters are more than just a pair of video game characters. They’ve become an important part of the Splatoon community and have had a significant impact on pop culture. From their catchy tunes to their unique style, Callie and Marie have captured the hearts of fans around the world. It’s no wonder they’ve become such an iconic part of the Splatoon universe.


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