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Ursaluna Pokemon Go

Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go has been a popular mobile game since its release in 2016. The game continues to gain new fans and keep players engaged with new features, events, and updates. One of the latest additions to the game is the legendary Pokemon. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Ursaluna Pokemon Go.

What is Ursaluna Pokemon Go?

Ursaluna is a legendary Pokemon introduced to Pokemon Go in January 2022. It is part of the new series of Pokemon, the Lunar Guardians, which was released to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Ursaluna is a dual-type Normal/Psychic Pokemon that resembles a white-furred polar bear with a crescent moon on its forehead.

How to Catch Ursaluna in Pokemon Go?

Ursaluna Pokemon Go
Ursaluna Pokemon Go

Ursaluna is a legendary Pokemon, which means it cannot be caught like other Pokemon in the game. Instead, players need to participate in Raid Battles to have a chance of catching Ursaluna. Raid Battles are cooperative battles where up to 20 players can team up to defeat a powerful Pokemon, in this case, Ursaluna.

To participate in a Raid Battle, players need to have a Raid Pass. Players can get one free Raid Pass per day by visiting a gym. Players can also purchase Premium Raid Passes from the in-game shop.

Once a player has a Raid Pass, they need to find a gym that has an Ursaluna Raid Battle. Ursaluna Raid Battles occur randomly at gyms, so players need to keep an eye out for them. The Raid Battle will have a timer indicating how much time is left before it ends.

To catch Ursaluna, players need to defeat it in the Raid Battle first. Afterward, players will have a chance to catch it using Premier Balls. The number of Premier Balls a player gets is determined by how well they performed in the Raid Battle. Players can increase their chances of catching Ursaluna by throwing an Excellent Curveball and using Golden Razz Berries.

What are Ursaluna’s Stats and Moves in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Ursaluna
Pokemon Go Ursaluna

Ursaluna is a powerful Pokemon with impressive stats and moves. Here are its stats and moves:


  • Attack: 264
  • Defense: 216
  • Stamina: 235


  • Fast Moves: Confusion, Zen Headbutt
  • Charged Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight, Psyshock

Ursaluna is a Normal/Psychic type Pokemon, which gives it a resistance to Fighting and Psychic type moves. However, it is weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves. Its high Stamina and Defense make it a tough Pokemon to defeat in Raid Battles.

What are the Best Counters for Ursaluna in Pokemon Go?


To defeat Ursaluna in a Raid Battle, players need to use the best counters. Here are the top counters for Ursaluna:

  • Chandelure: A Ghost/Fire type Pokemon with high Attack and powerful ghost type moves.
  • Giratina (Origin Forme): A Ghost/Dragon type Pokemon with high Defense and powerful ghost type moves.
  • Darkrai: A Dark type Pokemon with high Attack and powerful Dark type moves.
  • Gengar: A Ghost/Poison type Pokemon with high Attack and powerful ghost type moves.
  • Tyranitar: A Rock/Dark type Pokemon with high Attack and Defense.

Players should aim to have a team of six high-level Pokemon, each with at least one of the above counters. It is also important to use moves that Ursaluna is weak against, such as Dark and Ghost type moves.

What are the Benefits of Catching Ursaluna in Pokemon Go?

Catching Ursaluna in Pokemon Go has several benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Pokedex Completion: Catching Ursaluna will add it to your Pokedex, helping you complete your collection.
  2. Battling: Ursaluna is a powerful Pokemon that can be useful in battles. Its high stats and moves make it a tough opponent to face in Raid Battles and Gym Battles.
  3. Trading: If you have multiple Ursalunas, you can trade them with other players. Trading Pokemon can help you complete your Pokedex and get Pokemon that are difficult to find in your area.
  4. Candies: Catching Ursaluna will also give you Ursaluna Candies, which can be used to power up or evolve other Pokemon in the Lunar Guardians series.
  5. Special Research: In the past, catching certain legendary Pokemon has been a requirement for special research tasks in Pokemon Go. It is possible that catching Ursaluna may be required for future special research tasks.
Ursaluna Pokémon Go
Ursaluna Pokémon Go

In conclusion,

Ursaluna Pokemon Go is a legendary Pokemon that players can catch by participating in Raid Battles. With its impressive stats and moves, Ursaluna is a powerful addition to any player’s collection. Catching Ursaluna not only helps with Pokedex completion but also offers benefits such as trading and special research tasks. For the latest updates on Pokemon Go and other games, check out, a gaming blog that covers news, reviews, and more. Head over to to stay up-to-date with the latest in the gaming world.


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