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Persona 5 Royal Characters

Unraveling the Enigmatic Ensemble: A Detailed Look into the Persona 5 Royal Characters

In the vast universe of video gaming, intricate worlds and narratives abound, but few stand out as boldly as Persona 5 Royal with its fascinating cast of characters. Published on, a leading platform for insightful gaming news and reviews, we explore the personalities that form the backbone of this enhanced version of the original Persona 5 game. With new characters and additional depth to existing ones, the game offers a richer narrative. Each character has unique traits, histories, and roles that feed into the overarching story, making Persona 5 Royal a truly memorable experience. Join us as we delve deep into the personas of these characters that set Persona 5 Royal apart.

The Core Ensemble: Main Characters of Persona 5 Royal

The main characters of Persona 5 Royal are a group of high school students who form a vigilante group known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Their mission is to reform society by stealing the twisted desires of corrupt adults.

Joker (Protagonist)

  • Real Name: Ren Amamiya (Akira Kurusu in manga)
  • Persona: Arsène
  • Role: Leader of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: The silent protagonist of Persona 5 Royal, known as Joker, is a character of compelling depth. The seemingly ordinary high-school student with glasses and shaggy hair hides a rebellious spirit underneath his unassuming demeanor. Joker finds himself falsely accused and put on probation, and it is this injustice that leads him to awaken his persona, Arsène. His indomitable courage and resourcefulness make him the ideal leader of the Phantom Thieves, leading them into the mysterious alternate reality known as the Metaverse.

Ryuji Sakamoto

  • Persona: Captain Kidd
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: The boisterous and headstrong Ryuji Sakamoto is a character that adds a great deal of personality to Persona 5 Royal. Underneath his rough exterior and delinquent-like demeanor, Ryuji is a loyal and reliable friend, always willing to stand up against injustice. His life takes a dramatic turn when he stands up against Kamoshida, leading to the awakening of his persona, Captain Kidd. Ryuji becomes a vital asset to the Phantom Thieves with his power and determination.

Ann Takamaki

  • Persona: Carmen
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Ann Takamaki is a half-American, half-Japanese student who stands out due to her striking appearance and foreign heritage. Despite being ostracized at school, Ann maintains her positivity and kindness. Her encounter with Kamoshida leads to her awakening as a Phantom Thief, with Carmen as her Persona. Ann’s strength of character, empathy, and determination make her an integral part of the team.

Yusuke Kitagawa

  • Persona: Goemon
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Yusuke Kitagawa, a student of the prestigious Kosei High School, is a talented artist under the mentorship of renowned artist Madarame. Despite his eccentricities, Yusuke’s artistic perspective brings a unique flavor to the team’s dynamic. His confrontation with the harsh truth about Madarame leads to the awakening of his Persona, Goemon. With his artistry and unique world view, Yusuke adds a touch of philosophical depth to the group’s interactions.

Makoto Niijima

  • Persona: Johanna
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Makoto Niijima is the diligent and responsible student council president who at first appears to be a potential adversary for the Phantom Thieves. However, her strong sense of justice leads her to the realization of the corruption plaguing society, awakening her Persona, Johanna. Makoto’s intelligence and leadership skills prove invaluable to the Phantom Thieves’ mission.

Futaba Sakura

  • Persona: Necronomicon
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Futaba Sakura, an agoraphobic genius hacker, provides vital support to the Phantom Thieves with her exceptional abilities. Her journey from being a social recluse to finding her place amongst the Phantom Thieves is one of the most emotionally gripping arcs in the game. The awakening of her Persona, Necronomicon, symbolizes her determination to step out into the world and fight for what is right.

Haru Okumura

  • Persona: Milady
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Haru Okumura, the sweet and kind-hearted heiress of Okumura Foods, might seem out of place in a group of vigilantes. But, her awakening to the Persona Milady comes from her determination to defy her father’s corrupt business practices. Her caring nature, combined with her resolve to protect those she cares about, makes her a crucial member of the Phantom Thieves.


  • Persona: Zorro
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Morgana, the anthropomorphic cat and guide to the Phantom Thieves, provides comic relief as well as essential knowledge about the Metaverse. Despite not knowing his origins or true nature, Morgana is driven by a strong desire to become human again. His Persona, Zorro, symbolizes his chivalrous spirit and drive to help others.
Persona 5 Royal Characters
Persona 5 Royal Characters

New Allies: The Royal Additions

Persona 5 Royal introduces two new important characters who bring fresh perspectives and depth to the game’s narrative.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

  • Persona: Cendrillon
  • Role: Member of the Phantom Thieves
  • Background: Kasumi Yoshizawa, a talented gymnast and Shujin Academy scholar, is an exclusive character to Persona 5 Royal. Her optimistic outlook and fierce dedication to her dreams and friends make her a captivating addition to the story. The awakening of her Persona, Cendrillon, represents her inner strength and unwavering will to seize her own destiny.

Takuto Maruki

  • Persona: Azathoth (and later Adam Kadmon)
  • Role: Shujin Academy’s counselor
  • Background: Takuto Maruki, another Persona 5 Royal exclusive character, is the soft-spoken counselor of Shujin Academy who harbors a sincere desire to end all human suffering. While he might seem unassuming, Maruki plays a significant role in the game’s new narrative arc. His Personas, Azathoth and later Adam Kadmon, represent his aspiration to rewrite reality for the sake of happiness.

Faces of Adversity: The Antagonists

The various antagonists in Persona 5 Royal, known as “palace rulers”, play a critical role in the game’s narrative. Each one represents a different facet of society’s corruption, challenging the Phantom Thieves’ resolve at every step.

Suguru Kamoshida

  • Role: The first palace ruler
  • Background: Suguru Kamoshida, a former Olympic athlete and the PE teacher at Shujin Academy, represents the game’s first major antagonist. His abuse of power at the school triggers the formation of the Phantom Thieves and sets the tone for the battles to come.

Ichiryusai Madarame

  • Role: The second palace ruler
  • Background: Ichiryusai Madarame, a famous artist who exploits his students for his own gain, represents the corrupt side of the art world. His actions lead to Yusuke’s awakening and his subsequent decision to join the Phantom Thieves.

Junya Kaneshiro

  • Role: The third palace ruler
  • Background: Junya Kaneshiro, a mob boss who manipulates and exploits teenagers, symbolizes the danger of unchecked greed and power. His oppressive actions present another major hurdle for the Phantom Thieves to overcome.


Persona 5 Royal presents an intricate web of characters that drive the game’s narrative and provide insightful social commentary. Each character, from the main cast of Phantom Thieves to the antagonists embodying societal ills, contributes to the game’s rich and engaging narrative tapestry. Through understanding these characters, players can fully appreciate the complex, compelling world that Persona 5 Royal offers.

The power of this game lies not just in its captivating gameplay mechanics but also in the stories of these unforgettable characters. As we unravel their narratives, we are invited to reflect on our own society and the roles we play within it.

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Persona 5 Royal Characters
Persona 5 Royal Characters

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