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Persona 5 Royal Kawakami Confidant

Welcome to the labyrinth of connections and emotions in the universe of Persona 5 Royal, as brought to you by, your trusted hub for all things gaming. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such connection that has intrigued players worldwide: the dynamic with Sadayo Kawakami. This comprehensive guide, exclusively put together by the gaming gurus at, takes you through her Confidant path, detailing strategies to strengthen your bond with her and effectively navigate her narrative. If you’re a fan of Persona 5 Royal, this guide is a must-read.

Navigating the Bonds of the Heart: A Comprehensive Walkthrough to Kawakami’s Confidant Path in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal, a game lauded for its intricate social dynamics and well-structured narratives, invites players to establish deep bonds with a variety of characters. One such character that sparks immense curiosity is Sadayo Kawakami. This comprehensive guide delves into her Confidant path, detailing strategies to strengthen your bond with her and efficiently navigate her narrative.

Unveiling Kawakami’s Role in Persona 5 Royal

The Initial Picture: Kawakami as a Homeroom Teacher

At first glance, Sadayo Kawakami seems to be your average high school homeroom teacher at Shujin Academy. However, beneath the façade of a seemingly weary, overworked teacher lies a narrative replete with guilt, hardship, and struggle. The deeper your interactions with Kawakami go, the more her intriguing backstory unravels, presenting a multi-layered character whose journey mirrors real-life struggles.

Embodying the Temptress Arcana

Kawakami is the in-game representation of the Temptress Arcana. The evolving narrative of her Confidant path not only brings forward a compelling narrative but also offers practical gameplay advantages. As your bond with Kawakami deepens, her associated persona, the Temptress, turns into a potent combat ally. Moreover, her team bestows crucial benefits, enhancing your Metaverse journey.

Kickstarting Kawakami’s Confidant Path

Engaging with Kawakami’s Confidant path is not as direct as with some other characters in Persona 5 Royal. To embark on this journey, you need to:

  1. Secure a part-time job at the Beef Bowl shop. It gives you access to a flyer that leads to Kawakami.
  2. Get your hands on a flyer from the telephone club, offering you the pathway to engage with the narrative.
  3. Dial the number given on the flyer to initiate a part-time maid job.

It is essential to note that the revelation of Kawakami’s true identity happens only after you have reached rank 2 in her Confidant path.

Navigating Kawakami’s Confidant Path

Persona 5 Royal Kawakami Confidant
Persona 5 Royal Kawakami Confidant

Kawakami’s Confidant path is structured into various ranks, each bringing its unique challenges and decisions. This walkthrough breaks down what you need to know for each rank.

Rank 1 – 5

  • Rank 1: After the initial setup, you have to call Kawakami via the yellow telephone in Leblanc’s attic. Bear in mind that each call incurs a cost of ¥5000. This initial interaction sets the foundation of your relationship with Kawakami and helps you move to the next rank.
  • Rank 2 – 3: In these stages, trust-building is crucial. Your dialogue choices should indicate a sense of empathy and understanding towards Kawakami’s situation. The better you understand her, the faster you’ll move up in ranks.
  • Rank 4: On reaching this rank, you unlock the ability, “Housekeeping”. This allows Kawakami to perform tasks for you at night, saving you some valuable time.
  • Rank 5: When you achieve this rank, exercise caution with your dialogue choices. Your progress is significantly impacted by the words you choose. Always try to understand her emotions and reassure her. It’s essential to be empathetic to progress further.

Rank 6 – 10

As you delve deeper into the path, the narrative unfolds more intricately.

  • Rank 6 – 7: Empathy remains key during these ranks. Make sure you select dialogue options that demonstrate your understanding and support for Kawakami’s situation.
  • Rank 8: This rank is a significant turning point in the narrative. The choices you make here heavily influence the following path. You will need to provide Kawakami emotional support and show understanding to navigate this rank successfully.
  • Rank 9: A pivotal choice awaits you at this stage – to pursue a romantic relationship with Kawakami or to keep your bond platonic. It’s a personal decision that shapes your narrative experience.
  • Rank 10: Upon reaching this level, you complete the Confidant path, and you’re rewarded with the ultimate form of the Temptress Arcana, Ardha. This achievement signifies a bond that has reached its maximum potential, bringing an end to Kawakami’s narrative arc.

Abilities and Perks Unlocked

Progressing through Kawakami’s Confidant path grants access to several beneficial abilities:

  1. Slack Off: As early as Rank 1, Kawakami allows you to slack off in her class. You can utilize this time to read or craft infiltration tools, enhancing your capabilities in the Metaverse.
  2. Housekeeping: Achieved at Rank 4, this ability enables Kawakami to do various chores for you. She can make coffee or curry, craft infiltration tools, or even do laundry.
  3. Free Time: When you hit Rank 6, Kawakami lets you have free time during other teachers’ classes. You can read, make infiltration tools, or even sleep to recover SP.
  4. Special Massage: At Rank 10, Kawakami grants you the ability to go out at night even after spending the day in the Metaverse. This ability is beneficial in maximizing your time, making Kawakami one of the most strategically advantageous Confidants in the game.
Persona 5 Royal Kawakami Confidant
Persona 5 Royal Kawakami Confidant


Embarking on Sadayo Kawakami’s Confidant path in Persona 5 Royal is an experience that goes beyond gameplay. It’s a story of understanding, empathy, and connection. The deeper you dive, the more you uncover her layers, leading to a rewarding narrative journey. Additionally, the gameplay benefits and abilities you gain from maximizing your bond with Kawakami make this path an enticing route for any Phantom Thief.

Embarking on Sadayo Kawakami’s Confidant path in Persona 5 Royal, as comprehensively mapped out by, promises an immersive gaming experience. It’s not merely about strategy and gameplay, but also about connecting on a human level with the characters. The journey you undertake with Kawakami is one of understanding, empathy, and connection. Along with the engaging narrative, the practical benefits of the abilities you unlock as you strengthen your bond with Kawakami make this path a beneficial one to explore for any Phantom Thief. As always, is your companion in the exciting universe of gaming, bringing you detailed guides, the latest news, and incisive reviews. So, gear up and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Persona 5 Royal. Here’s to happy gaming, Phantom Thieves!


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